New Features/ Changes::

  1. A new character, POWA, has been added into the game! He plays a bit like GUNZ, but can't dash. His special ability lets him vaporize enemies instantly and get out of tricky situations, but at a cost of reducing his damage output temporarily. While focused, pressing space will fire a giant laser that deals extreme damage in a line. While unfocused, pressing space will emit a nova that clears all nearby bullets.
  2. EDGE has been made a bit stronger, as he unlocks the super katana upgrade earlier
  3. GUNZ has been made a tiny bit weaker as special weapon pickups are slightly more  rare
  4. Zombies that come out of graves now have a slower initial speed, making the second segment of the game more fair.


Ultra Hell v0.4a.zip 16 MB
Jan 05, 2018


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