New Features/ Changes:

  1. Super Skulls start spawning after beating the first boss. They are much spooky than regular skulls and are going to be annoying to deal with. 
  2. The Worm boss has been reblanced. They no longer get slowed down anymore but move slower and more predictably.
  3. EDGE has been made weaker early in the game, and also gets a new skill, telekinesis, at 100 points. By holding down the RMB after getting 100 points, you can direct your katana to move to your mouse cursor. This can be a powerful technique for fighting far away enemies, but slows you down and may leave you vulnerable to faster moving enemies.
  4. GUNZ now has faster firing pistols that are less accurate. He also unlocks bullet penetration at 100 points


Ultra Hell v0.3f.zip 16 MB
Jan 02, 2018


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