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Amazing, the graphics and juiciness are mouth-watering! Too bad I don't have a mouse and can only play on a trackpad. :I


Long time  no update.  Still kicking around, I hope?

No longer working on Ultra Hell anymore, but I'm glad you checked back up on it though!

I'm still making games, but development is slow since it's just a hobby for me. Here's a clip of what I'm working on now, it's kind of a chaotic mashup of super crate box and a crystal defense game:



The version here on itch is pretty old. If you want to help test the new version, please email me at

eh, i'll wait for the release, but thanks for asking!

Sorry to bother, but how can I contact you personally?

And yeah, I asked you if you'd be releasing this on Steam. I just read the description correctly :-P

Oh hey, sure!

Email me at if you want to contact me.

Your game is really fun and is only going to get better. I got one of my friends addicted to it already.


Wow, this game is really awesome! I love the graphics and the gameplay, and the characters' abilities are really cool too. I would definitely continue with this game, it has a lot of potential! My only complaint is that sometimes I click out of the game window; perhaps you could use a confined cursor mode?



I've been working on the game quite a bit recently, and the game should be a lot better now.

Haven't been updating the game in a while since I'm changing quite a bit of stuff. I want to try to go for a bigger update this time since the previous updates were really just incremental. 

I may add a confined cursor mode as a separate option, but not in the near future since I'm going to be focusing on gameplay first. I usually test my game in fullscreen so it might be a good idea to add in an option for a confined cursor mode.

the roguelike community massacre


I see you like Devil Daggers :p

This is great, would be amazing with sound.

Really well designed for a prototype, I'd definately go further with this. Lack of sound effects hold it back quite a bit. Even just bfxr placeholders would be better than nothing. (

The latest update seems to have broken compatibility with the front-end launcher, giving a "Not available on Windows" error.  Any chance of a fix?

Oops. Thanks for pointing it out! It should work now since I marked it as windows compatible.

That got it, thanks!  Really enjoying the new laser-fighter too. :)

Finished the first boss. I couldn't survive the swarm for too long, though. Can't blink for a second in this game.

i looooove this!

I got to 70 seconds after a few tries. I'm just confused about the size  of the characters, probably because my eyes are drawn to the green circle. Love the game! I will definitely keep playing this in short bursts while in queue for some competitive games.


Thanks for the feedback!

I want to keep the game relatively difficult, but not impossible.

The next patch will probably make the first boss a bit harder since I feel he is a bit weak right now.

Its really fun (even though I couldn't get very far, don't think I've even reached a boss yet). Its one of the most polished games I've seen on itch and I get a real rush when playing edge and jumping around the level slashing anything near. It starts lagging though when more enemies are in the area, but other than that I would definitely buy this game if you ever publish this on steam :)

Thanks! The game will give you a warning sign when you reach the first boss, and the boss is significantly larger than any normal enemy, so I think it would be pretty obvious. if you reached him or not

any possibility for the mac build :)?

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Later, game is still an early prototype


I think it'll be better if there were some music


Me too

This game is so much fun! I love it!

Fast-paced and intense gameplay!

Tight gunplay/swordplay, nice AI. Love it!


Beat the 1st boss at around the 70 sec mark on my first try. I had a blast, Are you still working on this? I would def buy this on steam.

By working on it i mean looking for someone to make music my friend knows how and is teaching me. i would like to try and make something.

Sorry, I'm in contact with a few professional music producers.

If you want though, send me a SoundCloud or Behance so I can listen to your works


Yeah I'm still working on this!

Good job on beating the boss on your first try, it takes some people over 30 minutes to get that far haha. It may release with more content on Steam for around 1.99, but for now it's free

Do you normally play bullet hell games like this?

With a highscore of about 30 after about 20 atempts, I still had a ton of fun. This manages to do something that allot of games fail at, and that's the fact that this is an extremely challenging game, but you don't rage, you have fun. And because it's hard, when you finally do well you feel a sense of pride and acomplishment. I had a ton of fun and I would definetly recommend this game to a friend. 

Saw your post on the Unity2D subreddit and had to give it a shot. It looked really fun and it is! Love the look of it and I'm always a fan of these types of games. 

I got to about 130 on my first try (forgot the time) but got screwed by the first boss. 

Would be really awesome if there was some kickass music blaring in the background and some sound effects, too.  But it's a prototype so it's fine. And for a prototype this is really good.

Keep it up, hope you continue developing this game.